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Our Courses:
& G.M.D.S.S.

Meecham International Airport
4201 N. Main Street
Fort Worth, TX 76062

Elliott "Skip" Davis, Sr.
Phone 817-521-2063

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Welcome to Aviation Courses Limited

For the first time in our history,
Aviation Courses, Limited NOW HAS A HANDS-ON SKILLS CENTER !!

We now offer this training using the finest equipment and instructional material available. Our training is a combination of audio-visual and hands-on that will ensure you have a better than average ability to pass the complete course and be awarded the A&P certificate at the completion. We do not guarantee that you will pass the oral & practical because the FAA Designated Mechanical Examiner (DME) is a direct appointee of the FAA and does not work for our school and is only responsible to the FAA. We DO gaurantee that you will have been trained in whatever subjects you were deficit in before you came to us for training. For our survey to see what subjects you need refresher training, click on the following link. Oral & Practical Examination Prep

Call for our tuition rates. (Skip Davis: 817-521-2063) You will only pay for what your survey shows a need. Be honest with yourself.

Training that Produces REAL Results

We have taken the concept of specialized, accelerated training to new levels of sophistication that were only dreamed of a decade ago. We use tried and proven methods of instruction that work . . . every time. You will pass your entire computer examinations in as little as five days, start to finish. We do not put a time limit on your study or actual time in class. US applicants may be eligible for veterans' benefits under the GI Bill.

Aviation Courses Limited is a Part 65 A&P/IA accelerated certification and FCC licensing preparatory school. We are the foremost school for the licensing of FAA-approved technicians who have acquired the knowledge and experience but need to have additional schooling to pass the examinations required by the FAA to earn the A&P certification and Inspection Authorization. Aviation Courses Limited has additional courses leading to various FCC avionics licenses and endorsements.

Aviation Courses Limited is affiliated with and approved by the following organizations and governmental bodies:

  • Approved by the Texas Workforce Commission, TAA Programs

  • Approved by the Veterans Administration for training and retraining of disabled veterans

  • We have an FAA LaserGrade computer testing center onsite

  • Approved as an FCC testing center

  • Approved by National Radio Examiners, a COLEM appointed by the Federal Communication Commission

  • Appointed as a Certification Administrator by the Electronics Technicians Association International

  • Certified under Electronics Technicians Association International as an Electronics Technicians Examiner and FCC Commercial Radio Operator License Examiner

  • Approved by the Department of Defense as a Registered Educational Vendor

Aviation Courses Limited has been in continuous operation for over 25 years. All courses are designed for the experienced mechanic who has proven his or her competency to do aircraft maintenance with several years of experience and approval from the FAA. We bring the technician's awareness of systems, maintenance knowledge, and federal regulations to a level that ensures that he or she can pass the FAA-mandated computer testing and the oral and practical examinations.

Aviation Courses Limited is an expert in filling the educational niche needed by the military, on-the-job-trained technicians (OJT), and FAR Part 147 graduates to pass the knowledge portion of the overall A&P examinations.

Read what students have said about our training!

We also offer ONLINE COURSES for General, Airframe, Powerplant, FCC, GROL & Radar Endorsement, and our GEN-FAM & Systems-FAM courses that are hybrid using DVDs and online testing. All FAM courses are FAA and manufacturer approved. Our Inspection Authorization (IA) course will be available online soon (to be announced).

Visit our E-LEARNING CENTER to find out more.

Read our Mission Statement.

Contact us for more information.

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